Why should I trust you over an established media agency?

Well for starters, we hope by giving you a free digital report, which would typically cost thousands from a media agency, you can see that we’re committed to doing things differently. 

We believe the old way wasn’t working for the small and mid-sized companies whose businesses depend on transitioning to digital advertising. There was no simple self-service tool to help companies create a comprehensive cross-channel advertising plan that maximizes the impact of their paid media budget.

Media agencies are really just middlemen- they rely on industry jargon and the claim of expertise to charge high commissions and do mediocre work that too often results in inefficiencies and underperformance. 

Are you a media agency?

No! Many of us have spent time at media agencies and were shocked and disillusioned at the business model and how agencies take advantage of those new to digital marketing or whose budgets are constrained. We started Strentos to disrupt the digital agency world and want to help you fire your expensive agency. 

We are a veteran team of media buyers, UX designers, marketers and proven entrepreneurs that have the tools and knowhow to democratize the process.

Why should I invest any of my budget on brand awareness, when ultimately I just want customers to take an action (buy, signup, etc.)?

Because if the end customer is not ready to buy, you are wasting your dollars. 

Consumers want to buy from brands they think are credible and that they have heard about. Would you immediately ask someone on a date? Or would you tell them a bit about yourself first?


What solutions do you offer? (See the Solutions tab in the header for more)

1. We offer custom full reports for a one-time $99 fee. 

2. Our strategists are available for hourly or ongoing counsel, brainstorming, spitballin' or just to chat if you're really bored. Email the team at contact@strentos.com) and let us know what you're looking for.

3. Coming soon: We plan to offer a subscription service where you can access a library of helpful information, receive tutorials on common issues and processes. 

4. Finally we have a partner network of specialists who charge far lower fees than typical media buying agencies that we know do great work. Again, just email us or contact us through the form on the Contact page in the header.

Please check out our Solutions page for additional detail. 

How can I learn more?

Send an email to contact@strentos.com to schedule time directly with a member of our team who can talk to you about your goals and where we might help guide you or connect you with a vetted partner.